Forgiveness Prayer

Do not be afraid, I have redeemed you // Isaiah 43:9


Is there something on your mind that you want to get rid of? Is there an experience that you regret? Did you hurt someone, and you need forgiveness? Or did someone hurt you, and you need to forgive them?   Forgiveness takes time. It is not automatic, but it happens.


As you pray about these experiences, write them down on the paper. It can be one word to represent something, or you can write on 2 pieces if you need it. Place the paper into the water, move it around and watch what happens. The sins, regret, and guilt disappear. Remember, though, that the water changes. It is not the same – we are forgiven, but impacted. Thank God for love that never fails, and love that is always there for us when we mess up.




  1. Pencils, pens, markers (some kind of writing utensils)
  2. Dissolving Paper (find here at
  3. Large bowl of water

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