Ribbon Wall.

As I have loved you, love one another // John 13:34


Write a prayer for yourself, and pin the ribbon on the wall. Find another ribbon that someone has used, and take it with you. You can tie it around your wrist and every time you look at your phone, check your watch, or write something, you can say a prayer for that person.



  1. Large corkboard
  2. Thumb tacks
  3. Thick ribbons
  4. Sharpies

Light Box.

Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven // Matthew 5:16


At this station, think about a way that you can shine a light to others. Is there a simple way to share God’s love at school? Can you participate in an outreach program at your church? Can you help a neighbor who is in need? When you have prayed with God about a way to shine God’s light, find an empty space on one of the sheets/sides of the box, and write it down. The light inside the box will shine out our gifts we are giving to others.


  1. Wooden Framed Box – you will need to build the box! Imagine a 3 sides to this. Build a large square side, about 8 ft by 8 ft. Staple a white bed-sheet to the wooden frames to create one side of the box. The three sides placed together standing up will create an opening in the back where people can walk in and write on the box from the inside or outside of the box. Some source of light can be place in the middle of the box so the gifts can be “shined out”.
  2. 3 queen size white bed sheets.
  3. Sharpies

Sun Catchers.

Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven // Matthew 5:16

At this station, meditate on what God is to you. Think of how you have seen God this week. Have you found a new gift that you didn’t know you had? Was there someone who made an impact on you? Or maybe you just felt God’s presence as you were with friends. Take a coffee filter and a paper plate, and paint with the water colors as you pray about how God has impacted you. You can cut it into a shape if you want to. As they are hung on the windows, they will bring light to the sun shining through the windows and reflect our prayers of God.


  1. White Large Coffee Filters
  2. Watercolor sets
  3. Paper Plates
  4. Scissors
  5. Tape

Prayer Requests.

Cast you cares on the Lord and he will sustain you // Psalm 55:22


Leave a prayer request – On the corkboard, you may share a prayer request so that others may pray for you! Write down your prayer request on an index card, and pin it to the corkboard. You may leave your name or keep it anonymous.

Take a prayer request – Take one of the index cards with you to a prayer station, and use that request as inspiration for your time in prayer. Or, you may take the prayer request with you to continue to use in your prayer life throughout the week.


  1. CorkBoard.
  2. Index Cards
  3. Writing Utensils

**This would be great for a one night event, but you could also have this set up in a Sunday school room in your church to have available at all times.


I have written your name on the palms of my hands // Isaiah 49:16


What is God calling you to in your life? What are your passions? We know that God created each of us for a purpose. Take some time to meditate on what your passions are in life. What brings you joy? What are your talents? After a few minutes, go to the canvas and trace your hand. In your hand, sign your name as a commitment to following what God’s plan for you is. It is hard for us to always know what our calling is, but with prayer we can listen to God along the way in our journey of life. Take this as a commitment to trust God’s call for you.




  1. Large Canvas Board
  2. Sharpie Markers

Mirror, Mirror

Every good and perfect gift is from above // James 1:17


How often do you look yourself in the mirror? Do you spend a lot of time getting ready in the morning? Do you try to avoid looking at your reflection? Whether we spend much time in front of a mirror, or as little as possible, we often place our focus on our physical appearance. Spend some time in front of the mirror looking at yourself. As you are doing so, reflect on what your God-given gifts are. Are you a good athlete? Do you like to sing? Are you a talented musician? Are you skilled with children? Do you perform well academically? Do you read others empathetically? Take one of the dry erase markers, and after a few minutes, write a gift or two that God has given you to make you who you are.



  1. Many body length mirrors. Inexpensive ones can be found at WalMart and Target.
  2. Dry Erase Markers

String Cross.

Be of good cheer; I have overcome the world // John 13:63


Notice that a large amount of string is tied to one of the nails. One person at a time, grab the string and wrap it around another nail in another part of the cross. Do this a few times as you pray about how we are connected as the body of Christ. We are each connected together by the cross, both from the act of Christ’s death in history, and by the fact that he is alive in all of us today.


  1. Large sheet of wood
  2. Nail Cross – hammer nails into the wood in the shape of a cross.
  3. Yarn or some sort of string.